Solar Loan

Secure your energy independence

Start producing your own energy with a solar loan.
Owning solar panels is finally affordable.

Don’t let a lack of funds prevent you from going solar. A Solar Loan allows you to pay for solar panels at your own pace. We take care of the installation and monitoring, and you enjoy producing your own solar power. Plus, your solar energy system is covered with a 10-year workmanship warranty as well as a 25-year linear performance warranty on the panels and 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on the inverter.

How does a Solar Loan work?

A Solar Loan works much like any other loan. A trusted lender lends you the money you need to pay for your home’s solar panel installation, and you pay it off over time. A Solar Loan can help you take advantage of the benefits of ownership, like tax credits and other incentives, without paying the entire cost of a solar energy system upfront.

By purchasing your system, you may qualify for state and federal tax credits. Please talk to a tax professional about how you can take advantage of these credits.

Meet other homeowners that are already powering their home their way

“It’s been a phenomenal experience. In one day they managed to put the entire system on in about a three-hour time frame. My neighbors are switching over to Vivint Solar as a result of my good experience.”
Chaz B.
"We've had solar panels for about six months now, and they've really taken care of all our power needs. In fact, our bill has only been five or six dollars, which is about what they charge you just to send you a bill, so...we've been thrilled with it. It's been a good deal for us."
Ray S.
“I've been a Vivint customer for two years now, and I just wanted to say how happy I am with my system. I've saved up quite a lot of money, and I'm very happy. Couldn't recommend such a better company.”
Richard P.
New Mexico
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