LG Chem RESU10h

Power your home comfortably and affordably with LG Chem Battery

Shop powerful solar + battery integration.
A superior battery your home can rely on
Intelligent battery management for smarter solar power use.
One of the most powerful solar battery brands on the market.
Security and peace of mind with a 10-year performance warranty.
Get more out of your solar power, even when the lights go out and the rates go up.
How it Works

LG Chem battery is a compact, powerful solar storage device that can be installed in your garage or covered area and integrates with your rooftop solar energy system to store your excess solar energy. You can then power your home when you need it most—during an outage or at night. With LG Chem, enjoy top quality, reliability, and freedom.

LG Chem RESU10H technical specs
  • Energy Capacity 9.8 KWh
  • Weight 97 kg (214lbs)
  • Warranty 10 years
  • Size Dimensions 744 (29.3”) x 907 (35.7”) x 206mm (8.1”)
  • Long Life > 60% of Installation Capacity Remaining after 10 years
  • Premium Performance Industry-Leading Continuous Power
  • Versatile Installation Wall-Mounted Installation for Both Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • Energy Independace Less Dependent on the Power Grid
  • Home-Proof Noiseless and Touch-Safe
Ready to experience true integration? Let us take care of the installation. You’ll have a dedicated team to walk you through the process of adding an LG solar battery to your home. And after installation, we’ll monitor and maintain your solar energy system to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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