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Energy Independence + Peace of Mind

Protect your home when you combine your solar panel system with a home solar battery so you can use more of your solar energy, even when the lights go out and the rates go up.

Finally, a solution for that unused solar power.

The home is the center of family life but many people aren’t aware of the options they have to control how it's powered. At times we may forget to take the necessary steps to ensure that our home is prepared for a crisis—that’s where batteries come in to help. Below you’ll find information on how home solar batteries can deliver peace of mind by ensuring that energy will be there, whenever you need it most.

Home solar batteries are quickly emerging as one of the best options for emergency home energy backup. With solar power batteries comes the ability to keep the lights on when we need them most, tap into solar power at night, and take greater control over home power.

Keep the lights on
Power critical parts of your home during an electricity outage.
Use solar in the evening
Enjoy the energy your panels produced that day even when the sun goes down.
Take control of your energy
Store unused solar energy to use when rates are highest.

How solar power batteries work

A solar power battery saves excess solar energy from your panels and uses it to power your home when you need it most—like during an outage or when the sun goes down.

A solar home battery is exactly what it sounds like—a battery, for your home, that stores power from your solar energy system. During the day, solar panel batteries store excess energy from your solar panels and allow you to tap into that stored energy so you can access power when you need it most, like during a power outage.

  1. Your system produces energy when the sun is shining.

  2. Your battery stores any excess clean energy not used by your home.

  3. Your home pulls power from your storage when needed.

A lot of solar panel batteries have capacities around 10kWh so (depending on your specific configurations) this allows enough stored energy to power up to four circuits in your home, the most common of which are your fridge, kitchen, bathroom, and heater. For larger homes, or if you want to power more than four circuits, it is sometimes possible to upgrade to additional battery storage.

The time it takes the four circuits to consume all the energy in your solar home battery varies based on things like battery type, age, capacity, appliance size, etc. Most solar panel batteries should keep your essentials running for at least a few hours, but it is possible that your battery could maintain enough charge to keep your essentials running for days at a time.

That’s because your panels continue to charge your battery during the day, so it’s possible that they could produce enough energy each new day for your battery to never fully deplete overnight. Then the battery will begin to recharge as soon as sunlight hits panels the next morning.

Ready to learn more?

Get Started with Solar + Battery

Going solar is a big decision. Let us help you find the right payment plan, solar battery, and design for your roof. You’ll have a dedicated team to walk you through from start to finish. And after installation, we’ll monitor and maintain your solar energy system to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Meet other homeowners that are already powering their home their way

I’ve been in the solar industry for more than 10 years and it still feels like a miracle. The sun comes up and there’s just energy there—you can run your house on it, you can charge your battery. Not only does it help with climate change but if you get a battery it can provide backup power when the grid goes down. It really feels to me like solar is a no-brainer at this point.
Willard M.
We decided to get solar in early 2018. Our install was remarkably smooth…I would tell anybody who is contemplating this, “I would do it.”
Sam S.
"Recently I had solar panels installed by Vivint...It was completely simple. I didn't have to put any money down, that was the best part. And I now have solar panels, and I'm ready for summer."

1 Individual homeowner’s savings will vary by utility, system production, energy consumption habits, equipment type, weather, and other factors. Vivint Solar does not guarantee savings on (i) customer’s energy costs, (ii) the existence of or pricing associated with a utility’s net metering program, (iii) the pricing of a utility’s residential rates, or (iv) the availability of any local, state, or federal incentives or tax credits.

2All plans and products are for qualified homeowners and are subject to availability. Please contact your Vivint Solar representative to see if you qualify.

3PPA bills are based on energy generated by the solar energy system per month and not on the amount of energy you use from the system. If the system does not produce enough electricity, you will need to buy electricity from your utility. Your overall electricity costs are affected by a number of factors, including your consumption of electricity, the price you pay the utility, and the amount of sun the solar energy system receives. In some situations, your overall electricity costs may be higher with a solar energy system, so it's important to discuss these questions with your Vivint Solar representative and weigh the cost versus benefit for your home.

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